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I’m delighted that you’ve found your way here to me at the Empower your Voice Academy to give your soul a voice.

Here you’ll find an overview of the various courses and events I’ve prepared for you at the academy. From live events to online courses to our special events, we have everything covered.

Simply feel what resonates with you. I’m very much looking forward to having you!

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Let yourself be carried by high-vibrational meditations on a healing journey to yourself. Guided meditations for individuals who enjoy being inspired on their path of healing and self-empowerment.


Blossom from grief –
empower your Inner Voice

Empower your inner voice and dive into a life of authenticity, joy, and freedom.

Online video course with 4 rich modules, 5 workbooks, 8 meditations, and much more.


Free Webinars

Here you will regularly find new webinars on numerous exciting topics that will support you in accessing more and more of your power.

Online Workshop

Is this really me?

In this workshop, you will receive highly motivating impulses on how to expose and transform the destructive patterns that have alienated you from your true essence.

43-minute Intensive Self-Exploration Workshop Video

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Katrin Klug – Heart Opener

Katrin Klug | Mentor and Medium | Successful congress organizer

As a heart-led visionary, Katrin feels called to give people back their own voice or to provide them with tools to self-empower and thus sing their own song.

Through her own dramatic life story, coupled with decades of chronic tension and pain, Katrin felt early on compelled to explore complex connections between body, mind, and soul.

As a child of divorce and eventually an semi-orphan in the midst of adolescence, she felt like a lone warrior, driven to delve into things that seemed self-evident to others. She became increasingly fascinated by Eastern calming and healing practices, as well as esoteric teachings that brought her closer to the true simplicity of the seemingly complex world.

Through her own mystical experiences in healing sessions and meditations, Katrin gradually came into direct contact with her true voice, which she steadily intensified. Her mediumistic abilities, which she believes every person possesses, help her illuminate hidden issues and also establish contact with deceased individuals or those in a coma.

Together with her creative, musical, and loving family, Katrin embodies her innate call for freedom.