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Essential Oils – A Path to Your Soul and Intuition

Scent is the Poetry of the Senses.” – Honoré de Balzac

In a world that is often hectic and overwhelming, the use of essential oils offers a wonderful way to connect with your soul and intuition. These powerful essences of nature can be used in a diffuser, as a roller, or even in a soothing foot bath.

My favourite Oils for the Soul and Intuition

To connect with my innermost self, certain essential oils are particularly helpful for me. Here are some of my favorites from doTERRA and how I use them.


I chose doTERRA because the quality of the oils is my top priority. It is essential for me that the oils are pure and contain as few impurities as possible for daily use.

❤️ My friend Claudia Pabst would be happy to support you with personalized advice.

  • Jasmine: A wonderful fragrance that stimulates my senses and inspires my creativity. Jasmine helps me discover new perspectives.

  • Copaiba: Helps me calm my nervous system so that I can ground myself better. Copaiba helps me when my body is overstimulated. It has been used by indigenous peoples to promote health.

  • Motivate: Helps me excellently with work and to boost motivation. It enhances my focus and determination.

  • Passion: Helps me live with more passion and enthusiasm in everyday life. This fragrance invigorates and inspires me – even in love.

  • Citrus Bliss: Brings me lightness and freshness. Perfect for starting my day with a smile.

  • Adaptiv: Helps me balance my body and mind in stressful situations.

  • Lavender: Helps me unwind after a long day. This fragrance is a versatile all-rounder for the whole family.

  • Hope: Supports me in maintaining hope during seemingly hopeless moments.

I always carry a collection of these oils with me, so I can quickly use a scent as an anchor to regain my focus when overstimulated. However, everyone has different preferences, so it is a wonderful journey to try out the various scents and find your own favorite.

Usage Options

  • Diffuser: A few drops of your favorite oil in the diffuser will spread a pleasant aroma throughout the room and create a calming atmosphere.

  • Roller: Convenient for on the go. Apply the scent directly to your skin to benefit from its positive effects anytime.

  • Foot Bath: An especially relaxing way to enjoy essential oils. Simply add a few drops to warm water and pamper your feet.

A Scent as an Anchor

For me personally, scents are an essential part of my well-being. They act as anchors that bring me back to myself in stressful moments. Some people have a similar relationship with tastes and explore the plant world in the forest. So why not take a sniff through the world of fragrances and see if a particular scent supports you?

Making Your Personal Selection

“Listen to your heart when choosing an essential oil. If you are unsure which scents suit you best, a kinesiological test can also be helpful. And if you don’t have any test scents on hand, don’t hesitate to contact me for a personal advise.

Invitation to Experience

I invite you to take a deep breath and smell. Which scent speaks to you? Which scent supports you? Dive into the world of essential oils and find your path to more balance and intuition.

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Katrin Klug – Heart Opener

Katrin Klug | Mentor and Medium | Successful congress organizer

As a heart-led visionary, Katrin feels called to give people back their own voice or to provide them with tools to self-empower and thus sing their own song.

Through her own dramatic life story, coupled with decades of chronic tension and pain, Katrin felt early on compelled to explore complex connections between body, mind, and soul.

As a child of divorce and eventually an semi-orphan in the midst of adolescence, she felt like a lone warrior, driven to delve into things that seemed self-evident to others. She became increasingly fascinated by Eastern calming and healing practices, as well as esoteric teachings that brought her closer to the true simplicity of the seemingly complex world.

Through her own mystical experiences in healing sessions and meditations, Katrin gradually came into direct contact with her true voice, which she steadily intensified. Her mediumistic abilities, which she believes every person possesses, help her illuminate hidden issues and also establish contact with deceased individuals or those in a coma.

Together with her creative, musical, and loving family, Katrin embodies her innate call for freedom.