Messages without time and space.

Message from the Light – for people who know that there is more than our 6 senses can grasp.


Readings serve to fill gaps in our understanding.

Where the feeling already clearly indicates that there is more, more answers, more love, more confidence, energy through readings can flow in, bringing clarity and abundance.

Above all, the feeling of connection can flourish in those spaces.

Do you know that feeling when you sense that you are already on the right track, but a crucial puzzle piece is missing? A small realization that can change everything. It gives you so much strength and confidence that your life can be filled with new energy, that new paths can be paved, that suddenly your own memories are revived – memories of connection, strength, love, and trust.

Readings serve precisely this purpose. They are initiated by individuals who benevolently seek a connection to other souls or the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are a comprehensive library that stores all experiences of life for all forms of energy.

To access this information, it is first checked whether accessing it serves the highest good of all. If this condition is met, the information can be retrieved.

The messages in readings are linguistically (in words or images) encrypted so that the intended recipient can decipher them. That is why it is recommended that mediums do not provide their own interpretations.

For the mediumistic reading, it is necessary for the medium to prepare meditatively beforehand. This may take some time, depending on the state of consciousness.

The reading can take place in the presence of the client or in their absence. However, consent is absolutely essential, at least on a spiritual level.

Energy exchange: 88 EUR per started hour.

How wonderful that you have found your way to me!

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Katrin Klug – Heart Opener

Katrin Klug | Mentor and Medium | Successful congress organizer

As a heart-led visionary, Katrin feels called to give people back their own voice or to provide them with tools to self-empower and thus sing their own song.

Through her own dramatic life story, coupled with decades of chronic tension and pain, Katrin felt early on compelled to explore complex connections between body, mind, and soul.

As a child of divorce and eventually an semi-orphan in the midst of adolescence, she felt like a lone warrior, driven to delve into things that seemed self-evident to others. She became increasingly fascinated by Eastern calming and healing practices, as well as esoteric teachings that brought her closer to the true simplicity of the seemingly complex world.

Through her own mystical experiences in healing sessions and meditations, Katrin gradually came into direct contact with her true voice, which she steadily intensified. Her mediumistic abilities, which she believes every person possesses, help her illuminate hidden issues and also establish contact with deceased individuals or those in a coma.

Together with her creative, musical, and loving family, Katrin embodies her innate call for freedom.