Letting go with ease



Welcome to Letting go with ease in your “Empower-your-voice” Space!

On this high-vibrating audio meditation journey, you’ll learn how to take the wind out of the sails of harmful life circumstances, in order to take the reins of your life calmly and freely into your own hands. Embark on a meditation journey of exhilarating uplift in love and truthfulness.

This high-vibrating 21-day meditation journey supports you in:

  • to integrate new powerful beliefs and gently transform old destructive beliefs

  • to reach a state of ease, in order to attract abundance and realize your dreams

  • to explore your true essence more deeply and to find trust in it

  • to gently dissolve fears and blockages and initiate healing processes

Are you worried about falling asleep during meditation? Don’t worry. Science agrees that we can absorb information subconsciously even when we’re half-asleep. This way, you can gently approach topics that might be too much for you consciously. At the same time, you can relax and give yourself a break.

What you should consider: You will make the most progress if you use the 21 days in a row and don’t take several days off between meditations. This allows your mind to adapt to a healing routine. Positive routines are generally relieving and healing for the mind, providing a sense of structure and security. Embrace it!

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Katrin Klug – Heart Opener

Katrin Klug | Mentor and Medium | Successful congress organizer

As a heart-led visionary, Katrin feels called to give people back their own voice or to provide them with tools to self-empower and thus sing their own song.

Through her own dramatic life story, coupled with decades of chronic tension and pain, Katrin felt early on compelled to explore complex connections between body, mind, and soul.

As a child of divorce and eventually an semi-orphan in the midst of adolescence, she felt like a lone warrior, driven to delve into things that seemed self-evident to others. She became increasingly fascinated by Eastern calming and healing practices, as well as esoteric teachings that brought her closer to the true simplicity of the seemingly complex world.

Through her own mystical experiences in healing sessions and meditations, Katrin gradually came into direct contact with her true voice, which she steadily intensified. Her mediumistic abilities, which she believes every person possesses, help her illuminate hidden issues and also establish contact with deceased individuals or those in a coma.

Together with her creative, musical, and loving family, Katrin embodies her innate call for freedom.