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Customer Testimonials from the German Summit

I can’t put into words what Robin Kaiser’s contribution means to me… It deeply touches me, it brings forth great love… Thank you so much for your congress!!

I also enjoyed the conversation with Dr. Alexandra Kleeberg. I found a bit more courage – for life as well as for death…


It did me so much good to find you because I, too, lost my dearest spiritual teacher and life partner last year. However, I feel a connection to him, and that helps me a lot.

I wanted to share that. I understand very well what grief signifies on a physical level, but we are all connected, even beyond death.


I just watched the interview with Kalja Fark, which I found very interesting. I also enjoyed the interviews with Christina von Dreien and with you. During the interview with Christina, you inspired me to revisit the book “The Alchemist.” Although I had read it years ago and couldn’t remember the content, I reread it yesterday and was deeply touched…


I really want to express my gratitude. I just watched the best interview in a long time during the congress! I had about 100 ‘aha’ moments during the interview with Christian Rieken. He articulated things in-depth that I already knew but now they are presented as if on a silver platter. Brilliant, honest, authentic, and it resonated so much. Please pass on this feedback to him. I love people who speak clearly, and I am working on developing that skill.


Yesterday, I listened to your contribution with Christiana… and in the evening, I listened to it again with my partner :)

Seeing, hearing, and feeling so much love between both of you was so beautiful. It brought great joy to hear you both discuss this valuable topic together.

The engagement with death has been my teacher throughout my life. Your honest and friendly nature, combined with Christiana’s unique being, was heartwarming for me.


I have been greatly enriched by the conversations I heard at this congress. I thoroughly enjoyed the congress, learned a lot, and took many notes!

You conducted this with so much heart, moderating the discussions in your wonderful, sympathetic manner – I really liked it. I thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you, and all the best going forward!!


I just watched the conversation with Dr. Erwin Brucker and was completely “inspired” by it. While I haven’t been “on the other side” myself, I have heard and seen two loved ones who have passed away. I’m pleased that the topic of near-death experiences is finally being made accessible and understandable to the “general public”!

Thank you for this fantastic congress!


Thank you very much for these diverse and varied insights into this significant topic that comes to every person, whether in accompanying others or in their own dying phase. I hope that these valuable contributions have reached many people to prepare them for this process. With this information, end-of-life care can be made so helpful and dignified.


Fantastic! So fresh, so young, so wise!!! And very warm. Alive, just as I heard you talking with Robin Kaiser. A loving, authentic, contagious (!) conversation. GREAT.


Dear Katrin, I just watched your interview, although I usually don’t watch interviews with congress organizers. Touching. <3


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Summit Bundle Sunrise „Star of Hope“

Summit Bundle Magic
ime of Change

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All interviews for unlimited streaming and the audios as digital downloads, ideal for home or on the go. (Value: $89)

Enjoy all interviews and bonuses whenever and wherever you want – at home on the projector with friends, on the train, or on a lounge chair. Simply  stream the videos or download the audios onto your device of choice and immerse yourself in a powerful and healing journey.
„Peace in the Light“ Congress Handbook as PDF file avalable for download (Value: $29). All information at a glance. All the impulses, messages, and insights from each of the fantastic speakers of this congress. Clear and easy to read. Perfect if you want to quickly find important information or simply get a good overview of the content of the congress. Includes an overview of offers and discounts from the speakers at a glance!
21 Tage Meditation Journey „Letting go with Ease“

Meditations for streaming or downloading – ideal for on the go. (Value: $72)

How to take the wind out of harmful life circumstances’ sails, allowing you to take the reins of your life calmly and freely into your own hands. Immerse yourself in a meditative journey of exhilarating uplift in love and truthfulness.
E-book “Peace in the Light” (Value: $9) Dive into the hopeful and empowering experiences surrounding the topics of illness, end-of-life care, and wonderful  encounters after death. This e-book also serves as a wonderful gift for people in the process of mourning.

Nice that you are here!

Do you also belong to the people who have recently or a long time ago lost someone, or who repeatedly come into contact with death in the form of fears or longings?

Perhaps the death was sudden, and you couldn’t say goodbye, resolve something important, or you simply love this person so much that it is still incomprehensible to you that you will never see them again.

Nice that you are here!

How wonderful would it be if, after such a challenging time, you would find yourself back in your strength? Full of confidence, love, and enthusiasm. What if you were to perceive the world suddenly in a completely different way? If both your inner and outer world were to show themselves to you in an entirely different form? If you felt connected with your soul and that of your loved ones, even those beyond?

Perhaps you’ve had moments when you longed for exactly that? When you thought, this can’t be all there is. But the thought quickly disappeared through your everyday life.

That is possible when you are completely connected with yourself!

Because: Everything is interconnected!

Even quantum physics has recognized that particles can be connected across the entire span of the Earth. This is evident in the fact that when one turns in one direction, the other turns in the opposite direction. When people think of each other at the same moment, it’s a magical moment, one that no one can predict, but it can be of great significance for the individuals involved.

At the same time, we know that when we humans feel separated or isolated, we become ill. This happens both when we lose access to our own source of strength and when we are disconnected from our social environment.

Fortunately: Everything in life is in motion! And most things can be reclaimed!

In my online congress, I talk to fantastic experts in grief counseling, inner healing, and energy work in the German-speaking region. You have the opportunity to acquire this knowledge for yourself. The speakers’ reports will amaze you and provide an ever-growing, holistic view of the phenomenon of death.

Together, we want to help you reconnect with your true strength and unleash hope and courage to embark on a new path. Therefore, in addition to the 40 free interviews, each accessible for 48 hours, you have the unique opportunity to receive this highly healing entire congress package! This way, you can watch the interviews in your leisure time, in company, or just for yourself!

How would you like to shape your life from now on?

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