Peace in the light

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Understanding death. Seizing life.

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Customer Testimonials

I can’t put into words what Robin Kaiser’s contribution means to me… It deeply touches me, it brings forth great love… Thank you so much for your congress!!

I also enjoyed the conversation with Dr. Alexandra Kleeberg. I found a bit more courage – for life as well as for death….


Dear Katrin, I just watched your interview, even though I usually don’t watch interviews with congress organizers. Touching. <3


It did me so much good to find you because I, too, lost my dearest spiritual teacher and life partner last year, but I feel a connection to him, and that helps me a lot.

I wanted to share that. I understand very well what grief signifies on a physical level, but we are all connected, even beyond death.

I just watched the interview with Kalja Fark, which I found very interesting. I also liked the interviews with Christina von Dreien and with you. In the interview with Christina, you also inspired me to consider reading ‘The Alchemist’ again. Although I read the book years ago, I couldn’t remember the content. Yesterday I read it again and was very moved…

Thank you very much for that!


I just watched the conversation with Dr. Erwin Brucker and was completely ‘inspired’ by it. Although I haven’t been ‘on the other side’ yet, I have heard and seen two loved ones who have passed away. I am glad that the topic of near-death experiences is finally being made accessible and understandable to the ‘general public’!

Thank you for this wonderful congress!


Yesterday, I listened to your contribution with Christiana… and in the evening, I listened to it again with my partner :)

Seeing, hearing, and feeling so much love between both of you was so beautiful. It brought great joy to hear you both discuss this valuable topic together.

The engagement with death has been my teacher throughout my life. Your honest and friendly nature, combined with Christiana’s unique being, was heartwarming for me.


Fantastic! So fresh, so young, so wise!!! And very warm. Alive, as I just heard you say in the exchange with Robin Kaiser. A loving, authentic, infectious (!) conversation. GREAT.


I just listened to the interview with Katrin. Yes, the mantras and singing… I’ve known the healing power for many years in my life as well. It was nice to hear it again.