Peace in the light

Online-Kongress vom Leben nach dem Tod



Day 1 – Apr 12th

Katrin Klug – Introduction
Prof. Dr. van Laack
Dr. Christiane Giessbach

Day 2 – Apr 13th

Ariata Albash
Nancy Marie

Day 3 – Apr 14th

Christina von Dreien

C. Brian Ross.

Day 4 – Apr 15th

Clemens Kuby
Chris Kattoll

Day 5 – Apr 16th

Dr. Erwin Brucker
Workshop Nancy Marie.

Day 6 – Apr 17th

Britta C. Lambert
Kolja Fark

Day 7 – Apr 18th

Karoline Steinmann-Frey
Ilona Selke

Day 8 – Apr 19th

Sonja Ariel von Staden
Miroslav Grosser

Day 9 – Apr 20th

Andela Blazevic
Silja Trimbuch
Achuthanandan A

Day 10 – Apr 21st

André Stern
Prof. Dr. Wilfried Kuhn +
Dr. Christine Hanson
Corinna WildenCorinna…

Day 11 – Apr 22nd

Dr. med. Christine Hanson.
Dr. Eckart Ruschmann

Isaac Saphiro

Understanding death. Seizing life.

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